Our Story

Our Story

iceskating10Well, starting at the age of 11, I began walking across the street to take lessons on ice skating from my neighbor. She said it was important that I learn. It was the first “job,” but it didn’t feel like one. After all, I was only eleven. I did that for several years, every day.

Years passed, I taught others how to skate. I learned much more about ice skating, and about all of the different styles of ice skating that are available today. There were very few ice skating schools in the area of my neighborhood. In fact, the closest one was over a 35 minute drive away. The question was- Where could people go and learn the everyday skill of ice skating? The best answer was their own home. There are plenty of good skaters closer than 35 minutes, but not every good skater has their own ice skating studio. If I call a professional ice skating instructor, they will charge an “arm and a leg.” How do I find a great ice skating instructor for a great price? I was so frustrated that I decided to create my own solution – In Home Ice skating Lessons

Learn how to skate with your husband or wife! He/She will love it!

Essentially, Ice skating Lessons is a connector for new skaters to established, and professional skaters for a great price. We set up a complimentary “meet and greet” as always!

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